Development Support

Beyond these tracks, my vision extends to creating even racing circuits layouts in Malta. Imagine racing through places and areas in Malta, experiencing racing like never before. These circuits will be a fusion of imagination and motorsport passion, creating something unique to add more fun to sim racing.

Why Supporting the Development Process?


Developing high-quality racing tracks involves significant costs, including software licensing and addons, hardware infrastructure, servers for events, manpower, maintenance and more.

Your support directly contributes to bringing these projects to life and maintaining their excellence.

3D Modelling

Crafting detailed and immersive 3D models for each track is a crucial aspect of creating an authentic racing experience.

Your support ensures access to top-tier modelling tools, allowing for the creation of realistic and visually stunning tracks.


The development process is time-intensive, requiring attention to detail and precision.

Your support helps me dedicate the time needed to ensure each track exceeds expectations.

Why Should You Support?

By supporting these projects, you become an integral part of the development process. Your support not only fuels the development of exciting racing tracks but also contributes to the growth of a community that values the thrill of motorsport. On top of that, you will have access to early access releases, upcoming projects, support, access to tutorials, communication with me for Q&A and much more, depending on the membership tier. The tracks can be used for hosted events by myself to the community, enjoying time on your own or even using it for practice at the comfort of your home.

Your support is not just an investment in my track development projects, but fuelling my targets for the ones in the pipeline, especially increasing the growth of motorsport, both for drivers that are already in the scene but also those who are interested but cannot afford to be part of it in reality; it’s an investment for the future of the local motorsport scene.

  • Boosting the track development
  • Booster Supporter badge
  • Discord role
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Access to non-early access releases
  • Access to basic tutorials area
  • Access to online fun server
  • General Support
€3.60 p/m
  • Being a Legendary member for fuelling the tracks development process
  • Legend Supporter badge
  • Your logo choice on the Development Supporters page
  • Discord role
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Early access releases of local racing tracks and areas including fictious track layouts for public and special events we organize
  • Access to video tutorials
  • Access to online servers and special events
  • Content installation and support
€6.60 p/m