The Esports Journey Continues


Over 23 years ago, I realised that what some considered “just a game” was actually my calling. Despite being mocked for my enthusiasm for gaming and esports, I refused to give up on my goals.

Some may label me a dreamer, and they are correct. But I am also an achiever, demonstrating the power of hard work and determination.

Through patience, passion, expertise and determination, I’ve made my dream a thriving reality. From zero to hero, today having a fully-fletched simulation centre and with the recent announcement the brand placed on the Audi TCR. Can I ask for more? Of course, It’s never enough for me!

This road has not been easy. It took six years of tireless effort, numerous setbacks, and unflinching dedication. But throughout it all, we remained steadfast, never losing sight of our objectives.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this trip. Your support for my goal has been my driving force. Thank you to those who doubted or dismissed me. Your scepticism just increased my drive to succeed.

As we continue to move forward, remember that consistency and quality are essential for success. Together, we’ve demonstrated that aspirations don’t have to fade away, they can become a reality with hard work, dedication, sacrifice and no excuses along with supporting brands behind you.

Here’s to chasing dreams, beating the odds, and never giving up.

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