Virtual Hal-Far Raceway Advancing Significantly

Track Development

An update on the Virtual Hal-Far Raceway’s progress with 300+ hours counted of dedicated work. The project is advancing significantly, although the process involves a delicate balancing act between this track and concurrent efforts on hill climb projects.

The development milestones include the initiation of base texture applications, focusing on critical elements such as windows and reflections. Basic lighting configurations are also underway, enhancing the overall visual experience. I’m diligently working on road textures and implementing various grip levels to the track, ensuring a realistic and dynamic racing environment.

Texture & Wireframe

While acknowledging that there is still a considerable journey ahead, I find the process rewarding. The commitment to detail and the careful integration of key features are crucial for me to creating a high-quality virtual racing experience. Stay tuned for further updates as the Virtual Hal-Far Raceway continues to take shape.

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