Virtual Hal-Far Raceway In Development

Track Development

I’m thrilled to share the latest announcement on an exciting project that’s currently in the development phase apart from other tracks including the Penellu Hill Climb. It’s the Hal-Far Drag Raceway! Malta’s exclusive quarter-mile track.

After plenty of sleepless nights and challenges, brushing up on 3D modelling again, we’re on track. What was once a vision is rapidly transforming into a reality, all visions come to reality when you work hard for them. The track layout is taking shape, the tarmac is being meticulously laid, and the infrastructure is aligning to create a virtual drag racing experience. The goal is not just to offer a track but to provide racers with an immersive and thrilling environment both for training and fun purposes, keeping in mind the quality and ability to be used both on screen and VR for the fullest immersion.

This phase is the most crucial one and it’s still at the beginning although a huge amount of hours has been made since I have to balance the work with other tracks too.

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