Distinguished by a remarkable blend of wit and humour, seamlessly navigating the fine line between levity and professionalism and a unique approach to tasks. Justin brings a refreshing and one-of-a-kind perspective to any endeavour. Behind his humour lies a person with a steadfast commitment to business and an unmistakable ability to infuse creativity into every facet of his work, making him an exceptional and invaluable asset in any professional setting.

A visionary leader with a profound understanding of technology, education, marketing, and broadcasting, underpinned by over 20 years of international experience. He is the founder and CEO of World Pro Racing and Presenter of the first esports dedicated TV programme in Malta on National TV. He brings a wealth of knowledge gained from a lifetime in esports, beginning his competitive journey at just 15 years old.

Recognized as a strategic thinker and adept problem-solver, Justin has propelled World Pro Racing to the forefront of the esports industry, marking it as a globally leading esports organizer with a significant viewership and a strong community presence. His foresight and dedication to innovation have been pivotal in the company’s rise to prominence.

An all-rounder, Justin not only excels in the strategic management of the company but also in fostering the growth and development of its athletes. He is committed to educating and motivating them to achieve excellence, advocating for a comprehensive approach that prepares them for the highest echelons of esports and other disciplines. This inclusive philosophy extends to young, emerging talent and children with special needs, epitomizing the inclusive spirit of esports.

Apart from his executive responsibilities, Justin is a sought-after speaker who has delivered numerous talks and keynotes, sharing his insights on startups and the pathways to success.

Engaged in a multifaceted commitment to gaming and esports, he not only indulges in simulated racing and first-person shooter games during his leisure time but also dedicates himself to the impactful pursuit of live streaming. Beyond his personal gaming endeavors, he passionately embraces the opportunity to empower and educate children in the realm of esports. His advocacy extends to raising awareness and dispelling the misconception that esports and gaming are mere pastimes, emphasizing their potential as gateways to diverse career opportunities.

Furthermore, his commitment extends to recognizing and nurturing the latent potential within individuals, particularly children, fostering heightened self-esteem. Through these endeavors, he seeks to illuminate the broader spectrum of possibilities that the world of gaming and esports offers, reinforcing the notion that it transcends mere entertainment and can serve as a platform for personal and professional growth.