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The Esports Journey Continues

Over 23 years ago, I realised that what some considered “just a game” was actually my calling. Despite being mocked for my enthusiasm for gaming and esports, I refused to give up on my goals. Some may label me a dreamer, and they are correct. But I am also an achiever, demonstrating the power of […]

Track Development

Virtual Hal-Far Raceway In Development

I’m thrilled to share the latest announcement on an exciting project that’s currently in the development phase apart from other tracks including the Penellu Hill Climb. It’s the Hal-Far Drag Raceway! Malta’s exclusive quarter-mile track. After plenty of sleepless nights and challenges, brushing up on 3D modelling again, we’re on track. What was once a […]


Low Self-Esteem In Esports

Having a low self-esteem in competitive gaming can be a major drawback to improve and succeed. A lack of confidence can lead to self-doubt, poor decision making, and ultimately, poor performance. There are several ways in which low self-esteem can negatively impact an esports player. Lack of confidence can lead to poor decision making during […]