Sim Racing Need To Change It’s Direction

The reason why I have been saying for the past years about sim racing’s wrong direction is clearly showing in the driving games steam charts.

Not to go in such detail it clearly states the direction it is heading and since it’s a niche market it is even worse and I can tell you why. The main focus of the major platforms is to just make money. Why? Because the focus is on releasing DLC’s or new games more than fixing major flaws in the platform itself which are still yet to be fixed for years and understanding the community’s needs. Acquiring of platforms and grabbing all they can to make more money and no actual knowledge of sim racing overall which will result in failing more the platform itself.

Sim Racing software overall has become a for fun game to enjoy some time with your friends, and although it is a good thing as fun is important too, we are forgetting the competition side and focusing on just the major ones whilst the small organizers and communities are actually taking better decisions in how to organize events and interacting with their community better than the giants themselves.

Major events with invitations to the usual teams, no creativity to attract potential drivers because most of the time it’s a best time qualifiers and the usual ones go through so literally they have no chance of levelling up to higher tier racing which will result to lack of enthusiasm to keep pushing.

It’s easy to keep improving when you have teams who has funding and support while others doing their best to improve and no chance of participating in more competitive tournaments as they are not even considered because the focus is on the viewership, reach and revenue so they can bring more investments and sponsorship to repeat the same events year after year and probably with the same teams and barely new faces on the grid.

Instead of increasing and growing the competitive scene, sim racing is becoming more casual as it’s showing in the statistics, hence why, in my own honest opinion, it is going to the wrong direction.

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